Top 10 Instagram Photos

I’ve had an Instagram account for 5 years but until last year I’ve not posted my work. Yesterday I posted my 406th shot, so I figure I will show my top ten here. My Instagram. One of the top uses for Instagram photography is to promote smart phone photography. And there are some unwritten rules. Only phone photography […]

Eastern Sierras Fall Workshop 2015

In a few days Javier Flores and I will go on a photographic excursion that we have done numerous times over the past twenty years and we always look forward to. If you want to join us in this small group photo workshop, it’s just a few weeks away on October 16th to the 18th. […]

Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole

Ok I’ve taken a stroll deep inside the rabbit hole. Yes I’ve met the rabbit too! But before I start into what I’ve discovered inside I want to back up to where I was just hours ago. Last week I finally shot a wall by my house that I walk by every day for texture […]

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